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Press coverage on the effort for flame retardant free furniture in Europe.

The Alliance for Flame Retardant Free Furniture in Europe gathers stakeholders ranging from environmental and health NGOs to industry, cancer organisations, fire fighters and labour unions. In September 2016, the Alliance published the Policy Paper The Case for Flame Retardant Free Furniture. This is some of the press coverage on the effort of the Alliance: 

Chemical Watch, 12.04.18
ECHA recommends restriction on flame retardants in flexible polyurathane (PUR) foams

ECHA calls for a restriction proposal of TCEP, TCPP and TDCP flame retardants used in PUR foams in childcare articles and residential upholstered furniture. 
The European Furniture Industries Confederation (EFIC) calls for a EU-wide approach to this issue as well as for a wider restriction's scope, which would include the public furniture contract market. 

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Chemical Watch, 23.11.17
Furniture trade body welcomes EU warning on flame retardants

"The European Furniture Industries Confederation (Efic) has welcomed a warning, included in the revised EU Green Public Procurement criteria, on the negative effects of flame retardant use. "

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Irish Times, 18.12.16
EU investigation could put furniture fire rules up in flames

"Brussels has launched an investigation into whether Ireland’s furniture fire safety regulations — the strictest in Europe — comply with EU free-market rules, following a complaint by manufacturers."

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Euractiv 20.09.16 
Fire safety chemicals ‘threaten’ public health, alliance warns

"The use of chemical flame retardants in furniture to improve fire safety can also have severe implications for public health, a number of associations have warned."

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ChemicalWatch 11.11.16 
Industry challenges UK and Irish furniture standards

"The European Furniture Industries Conferedation (Efic) says that the 'open flame', or 'match test', required by the British fire safety test method (BS 5852) and the Irish (IS 419:1988) means manufacturers must use flame retardants." (paywall)

UK & Irish legislation | Standards | Fire safety  

EndsEurope 08.11.16 
Furniture fire safety rules in UK drive ‘unnecessary use of hazardous chemicals’

"The European Furniture Industries Confederation is planning to lodge a formal complaint with the European Commission in the next few weeks, claiming UK furniture regulations lead to the unnecessary use of hazardous chemicals." (Paywall) 

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EndsReport 08.11.16
UK to be challenged over furniture fire safety rules

"European furniture producers are planning to challenge the UK’s regulations, claiming they block trade and lead to unnecessary use of hazardous chemicals." (Paywall) 

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EndsReport 16.09.16 
ECOS policy paper: The Case for Flame Retardant Free Furniture

"The Case for Flame Retardant Free Furniture" featured on EndsReport. (Paywall)

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ChemicalWatch 15.09.16 
Furniture trade bodies back call to reduce flame retardant use

"European trade bodies, representing the furniture, bedding, building and woodworking industries, have called for action against the use of flame retardant in furniture (....) The UK and Ireland are the only EU countries to have national regulations requiring an open flame test, which effectively necessitates the use of flame retardants." (Paywall).

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