A comprehensive European fire safety strategy needs to address the causes of fire, modern day fire risks and impact on fire toxicity. Flammability standards need to combine objectives of effective fire safety and chemical safety, ending the presumption that fire safety is best met by using flame retardants. It shall give special attention to the toxicity of fires caused by the presence of chemicals as a field of growing concern. Such strategy should carefully balance the compliancy to flammability requirements with chemical and environmental risks.

The promotion of a fire safety culture plays a key role in terms of education to consumers on tools (e.g. sprinklers and fire alarms) and behavioural changes that would increase fire safety and save lives.

The alliance for flame retardant free furniture proposes an EU approach using smoulder ignition tests instead of open flame tests that require the use of flame retardants. This approach takes into account the flammability requirements, chemical exposure and consumers’ protection to make safe fire safety possible.



The Alliance for Flame Retardant Free Furniture in Europe consists of stakeholders ranging from environmental and health NGOs to industry, cancer organisations, fire fighters and labour unions.

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