The Alliance for Flame Retardant Free Furniture in Europe gathers stakeholders ranging from environmental and health NGOs to industry, cancer organisations, fire fighters and labour unions. The Alliance shares and stresses the same concerns about the implications from the presence of harmful flame retardants chemicals in furniture products, and believes that more effective and less harmful ways to achieve fire safety exist and need to be evaluated.


Position paper

The Alliance for Flame Retardant Free Furniture welcomes the New Circular Economy Action Plan and calls on the EU institutions to address the unnecessary and unwanted use of chemicals which prevent circularity and climate goals, such as toxic flame retardants in furniture, which endanger at the same time people’s and firefighters’ health, as they migrate out of products and may lead to an increase in fire toxicity.

Toxic flame retardants preventing circularity and increasing fire toxicity

18 November 2019 – SAFE FIRE SAFETY

The Alliance is strongly committed to end the use of flame retardants in furniture products and to raise awareness about their toxicity.

With this Policy paper, the Alliance stresses that a Safe Fire Safety is possible, that many modern alternatives to the use of Flame Retardants exist and that the removal of toxic flame retardants is needed to protect human health, the environment and to support a real Circular Economy.


The Alliance is strongly committed to end the use of flame retardants in furniture products and supports safer, alternative ways of minimising the risks for fire because long term exposure to hazardous chemicals poses a great threat to human health.

Increasing evidence shows that EU action in favour of FR free furniture is necessary to ensure protection of human health and the environment, without reducing fire safety.


The European Furniture Industries Confederation, EFIC

Representing the furniture industries in 12 European countries – Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, The Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Sweden and Turkey, EFIC represents about the 70% of the total turnover of the furniture industries in Europe, a sector that employs about 1.1 million workers in close to 130.000 companies. For more information, visit efic.eu

The European Environmental Bureau, EEB

The European Environmental Bureau (EEB) is Europe’s largest network of environmental citizens’ organisations with around 140 member organisations from more than 30 European countries, bringing together over 40 years of EU environmental policy expertise. For more information, visit eeb.org.

European Bedding Industries’ Association, EBIA

EBIA represents EU national bedding federations regrouping the local mattresses & bed bases producers, three multinational groups and a select number of major suppliers to the industry. EBIA is the voice of the bedding industry towards the European authorities in matters related to environment, health and safety and defends the interests of its members at all relevant levels. For more information, please contact info@europeanbedding.eu

European Federation of Building and Woodworkers, EFBWW

EFBWW is the European Industry Federation for the construction industry, building materials industry, wood and furniture industry and forestry industry. Representing 2 million members through their 76 affiliated unions in 34 countries, EFBWW works for safe and healthy working conditions.* For more information, visit efbww.org

The Cancer Prevention and Education Society, CPES

The Cancer Prevention and Education Society is a science-based health and educational charity working to reduce the incidence of cancer and other illnesses by preventing human exposure to hazardous chemicals and other agents. For more information, visit cancerpreventionsociety.org

The European Fire Fighter Unions Alliance, EFFUA

EFFUA is an international alliance of independent trade unions representing fire fighters in 12 European countries. EFFUA works towards creating a safer and better working environment for fire fighters, and for high standards of firefighting professionalism in order to ensure community safety.* For more information, please contact info@effua.org

Zero Waste Europe, ZWE

ZWE is a European independent initiative bringing together organisations and municipalities committed to work to eliminate waste in Europe.* For more information, visit zerowasteeurope.eu.  

Environmental Coalition on Standards

ECOS, Environmental Coalition on Standards, is an international NGO with a network of members and experts advocating for environmentally friendly technical standards, policies and laws. ECOS has over 20 years of experience in promoting the environmental interest in the development of standards, laws and policies, and its role in these processes is highly valued and widely recognised. More information on www.ecostandard.org

CHEM Trust

CHEM Trust is a charity that works at European, UK and International levels to prevent man-made chemicals from causing long term damage to wildlife or humans, by ensuring that chemicals which cause such harm are substituted with safer alternatives. For more information, visit chemtrust.org.uk

The Health and Environment Alliance, HEAL

HEAL is a leading European not-for-profit organisation addressing how the environment affects health in the EU. With the support of more than 75 member organisations, HEAL brings independent expertise and evidence from the health community to different decision-making processes. For more information, visit env-health.org


Arnika is a Czech non-governmental organization uniting people seeking better environment. Arnika believes that natural wealth is not only a gift, but also an obligation to save it for future. Arnika was established in 2001 and since its foundation has become one of the most important environmental organizations in the Czech Republic. https://english.arnika.org/about-us


The Alliance for Flame Retardant Free Furniture in Europe consists of stakeholders ranging from environmental and health NGOs to industry, cancer organisations, fire fighters and labour unions.

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